Frutland is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of fine and original guava candies.

The company has experience for more than 20 years in operation, investigation, product development and customer service, which has allowed it to consolidate and have presence in the market.


Be a group of sustainable companies with national and international recognition, distinguished by our high quality.

Product description

Pasteurized guava with syrup

Ingredients: Guava, water and sugar

Whole or halves of the fruit, of a middle size and a light-yellow color,

It has a fruity flavor (sweet and natural) with guava’s characteristic smell.

It is recommended to preserve the product in a cool, dry and dark place; with a maximum temperature of 20°C

Added value of the product:

Frutland’s Guava with Syrup is a differentiated product, due to the combination of the characteristics of the regional guava and the style of our processes, it creates a product of unique composition and with the flavor of a fresh guava.

Presentation and form of distribution:

The product presentation is a glass jar,

Net content 480 g, drained mass 300 g

Contents of each box: 12 pieces.

Weight 9.100 kg

Form of distribution and delivery: In factory’s store, in main store or in branch stores at Aguascalientes.


Business Information

Calvillo City
Zaragoza # 419 Centro
Calvillo Aguascalientes
CP 20800  Tel (495) 956 03 75

Aguascalientes City
Av. Convención Pte. 606 B
Col. San Marcos
Aguascalientes, Ags.
CP 20070 Tel. (449) 916 77 99